Program Requirements

  • All participants are required to live in the Living Arts designated section of Bursley Residential Hall.
  • All Living Arts Students must register for UARTS 150 “Introduction to Creative Process” in the Fall semester. UARTS 150 is a 4 credit hour studio and writing course designed specifically for Living Arts and team taught by faculty from the School of Music Theatre and Dance, Art and Design, Engineering and Architecture and Urban Planning.
  • Students are required to attend a monthly all-community meeting designed to foster interdisciplinary collaboration.

  • In the winter term, students will complete a capstone project with Living Arts Peer Mentors. The Collaborative Creative Projects bring together, the various disciplines within the Living Arts community, for the purpose of creating something new, interesting or compelling by sharing their different talents and abilities with each other. The Collaborate Creative Projects allow our students to take what they have learned in the fall semester and stretch their wings on their own with guidance from ArtsEngine staff, working through phases of creative process to address a given topic or problem.