Resident Advisors & Peer Mentors


Sara Eskandari

Hometown: Toledo, OH

Major: Art and Design

Hi all, I’m Sara and I’m from Toledo, Ohio! I will be the 3rd Van Hoosen RA this year. Currently, I am an Art Major and a CS minor, dabbling in cultural anthropology as well. In terms of fun stuff- I am an avid Dungeons and Dragoneer, VP of the video game design club WolverineSoft, and work in the Stamps digital fabrication lab. My favorite past times are laying on the floor, and playing video games (or both).


Mitchell Lawrence

Hometown: Byron, Michigan

Major: Architecture, Minor: Japanese

Meet Mitchell

Hi! My name is Mitchell, and I’m from the small town of Byron, Michigan. I’m now a sophomore in Taubman College majoring in Architecture, and I’m also pursuing a minor in Japanese Language. My interests are too many to list, but I enjoy traveling, musicals, cosplay, movies (Disney and Ghibli, anyone?), Nintendo games, art, making YouTube videos, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and memes. If I’m not out working on architecture projects, you can probably find me in the lounge putting on showings of TV shows or movies. I joined living arts because it seemed like an interesting and creative community, and it surpassed my expectations in every way. I’ve heard someone describe living arts as a collection of people who are always the most interesting person in the room simultaneously, and I couldn’t put it better myself.  I’m looking forward to being a resident advisor and getting to know all of our new members, so please feel free to approach me if we have anything in common, or if you have any questions!


Ben Roth

Hometown: Paramus, New Jersey

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hello! I’m Ben, and I’m from Paramus, New Jersey. I was previously a mentor, and will be returning to Living Arts in the 2018/19 year as the RA for 3rd Rotvig. I am currently studying biomedical engineering, with a concentration in biochemistry (basically I’m learning how to grow/clone/build medical devices). Outside of class, my hobbies include Dungeons and Dragons, downhill ski racing, and playing video games.



Peer mentors are sophomores who mentor incoming students and help plan student-generated programming. We are thrilled to have 22 awesome peer mentors for the 2018-2019 academic year.


Noa Berman

Hometown: New York, New York

Major: Undecided LSA

Hi! I’m Noa and I’m from New York City. I’m currently in LSA, and although I’m not entirely sure what I want to do yet I’m hoping it’ll be something involving theatre and/or psychology. Outside of class I love theatre and try to get involved in any way I can. I also love music (playing and listening), linguistics, ice cream, and over-dramatically complaining about Michigan weather. Please come find me if you want to talk about theatre, help me find decent matzo ball soup in Ann Arbor, climb trees, discuss the latest episode of Brooklyn 99/Handmaid’s Tale/RuPaul’s Drag Race, give/receive book recommendations, or just in general if you need help navigating or want someone to talk to. I’m so excited to return to Living Arts, and I can’t wait to meet all of you!


Bre Boersma

Hometown: Grand Rapids

Major: Art and Design

Hi my name is Bre, and I’m from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m studying Art and Design (specializing in product design) and hoping to minor in sales and marketing. I’m really passionate about all things design, and I love to discuss and question why things are designed the way they are. Something I really enjoy is getting involved! I think it’s very important for everyone to join a club or community and Living Arts in definitely a great place to start. Also, I’ll be working in the Campus Career Center this upcoming school year so if you need any resources or help with career prep I’m always around to assist and point you in the right direction. Here’s to a great year you all!


Valerie Christou

Hometown: Grosse Ile, Michigan

Major: Art and Design, Creative Writing

Hello, I’m currently making my way through college like everyone else. Living Arts has made a great experience for me because it has helped me connect my interests to many others. In my free time I enjoy playing video games like SSB Melee or watching Youtube for 5 hours straight. I have a deep passion for space, listening to music, and writing stories. In my future I hope to work on story/animation for video games or write books (…maybe both? Who knows). I enjoy listening to other people’s passions and goals in life. I look forward to meeting everyone and sharing great memories!


Emily Considine

Hometown: Half Moon Bay, California

Major: Art and Design, Minor: Computer Science

Hi! I’m Emily, an Art & Design student minoring in Comp Sci from the small pumpkin-farming beach town of Half Moon Bay. I love drawing, comic books, video games, dancing, memes, and anything sci-fi and horror related. Michigan was a big change for me (insert joke about snow here) and I learned a lot in my first year, so I am excited as a mentor to pass on my newfound knowledge. I also drive the blue buses around campus, so you can always ask me if you need help getting somewhere, and don’t hesitate to say hello if you get on my bus!


Asher Harris

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Major: Clarinet Performance

Oh hey, didn’t see you there! Welcome to Living Arts: my name is Asher, and I am absolutely thrilled to meet all of you next year. Although I’m technically a clarinet performance major, I dabble in all sorts of musical areas, such as conducting, composition, and improvisation, and I also play piano and saxophone. Aside from music, I’m into film (watching as well as making), video games, and being outside when it’s nice out, which you’ll come to find is about nine days per school year, give or take. As for miscellaneous information, many consider me to be a memer, a couple of my favorite shows are Twin Peaks and Bates Motel, and if I could survive on jelly beans alone, I would. That is all. Or…is it?


Brianna Kucharski

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Major: Architecture, Minor: Art History

Hello! My name is Brianna and I am currently a sophomore in the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. I have recently also declared a minor in Art History. I am really interested in many kinds of visual media, so outside of architecture I really love illustration, painting, sculpture, comics, zines, embroidery, film, and much more! I also have a huge passion for punk and heavy metal music, so be sure to come up to my room if you want to listen to some cool tunes with me on my record player. I am absolutely in love with the community here at Living Arts and I love interacting with the people here, so feel free to come up to me to talk about anything!


Curnica Landwer

Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Major: Psychology, Minor: Art and Design

Hey y’all! I’m Curnica, (but you can call me Nini like Knee-Knee) you’re awesome, super cool and rad dad peer mentor. My major Psychology, with minor in Art and Design. I normally speak in vines, so If you’re down to have a funny conversation, lets do it dude. I’m also a pretty good person to come to for advice about anything or if you just want someone to listen, so feel free to stop by whenever. My favorite things to do are tea drinking, binging anything on Netflix or DramaFever, and listening to music in a variety of genres and languages. Living Arts was a super cool and fun time for me and I hope that I can contribute to you having a similar experience!


Peter Ly

Major: Computer Science Engineering

Hello! I was a College of Engineering freshman mentee last year (2017-2018) and am a peer mentor this year (2018-2019). I enjoy many things, among which are Japanese, math, computer science (this one is the one I am majoring in), and board games. Fun fact? During my freshman year, I printed about 80 different 11-inch by 17-inch posters and a short novel, which I then bound into a book. I decided to join Living Arts because it seemed like an interesting place where I could meet many kinds of people, and it certainly was.  Living Arts is truly a special college experience, and I can’t wait to meet and get to know you!


Alex Martin

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Major: Aerospace Engineering


Oh, hello! Glad to see you’re reading my Living Arts bio. I’m the one on the right in the photo up there (as indicated by the arrow). My name’s Alex Martin, and I’ll be one of your peer mentors this coming year. I’m from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I’ll be majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I enjoy playing the string bass, being outside, learning about other people and places, plus anything and everything aerospace. Aviation has always been a huge part of my life, and I try to build and fly RC planes as often as I can. Feel free to find me any time to get to know me, talk/learn about airplanes, or just have an interesting conversation. I look forward to meeting you this year!


Serenity Monroe

Hometown: New York, New York

Major: Electrical Engineering

Hi everyone! My name is Ren, and I am currently a sophomore in Electrical Engineering. I’m from New York City, but Ann Arbor has really become my new home. I love robots and going on as many adventures as I possibly can in a short period of time. I’m also the most Living Arts( really I was voted in)…interpret that however you want. 🙂 If you need me, I’ll most likely be in the lounge with my Betta fish ( my roommate’s fish as well) trying to construct some mobile fish contraption. 


Fikayo Olutomiwa

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Greetings! I’m Fikayo and I’m an intellectual from Lagos, Nigeria. I’m in the School of Engineering and I plan on studying Mechanical Engineering. I’m super into both watching and drawing anime but I also love watching series and movies too. If you ever need someone to watch or geek out about an anime or a new Marvel movie with I’m always down! My other interests include: listening to music (especially rap (Logic to be more specific)), analyzing children rhymes, getting lost in the never ending world of social media and looking at pictures of cute baby animals. My first year experience in Living Arts introduced me to group of wonderful people that made the first year of my college experience (especially in another country) unforgettable and I would like to be able to do that for someone else. If anyone wants to talk about anything from college life to how the universe was formed my door is always open.


Catherine Philpott

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Hello and welcome to Living Arts! My name is Catherine, and I’m a sophomore majoring in aerospace engineering. You can often find me nerding out over rocket launches, skiing, baking, taking pictures or rocking out to country music. I also enjoy corny jokes and puns more than the average person. And if you hear someone getting really excited about Michigan football, chances are it’s me. You might also see me occasionally sporting my Denver Broncos jersey from Super Bowl 50. I’m your resident “get excited about literally anything” person, so if you want to share some exciting news or get your daily dose of enthusiasm, just stop by! I’m a member of Women in Aeronautics and Astronautics (WAA), which is a group of women interested in aerospace. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone this fall, and I hope to be both a friend and a resource to everyone within our community. GO BLUE!


Ethan Rasch


My name is Ethan Rasch and I was born and raised in a small town in northern Michigan. I have one younger sibling and 3 dogs. I am pursuing a degree in Space Instrumentation at the College of Engineering, and plan on either minoring or double majoring in something like writing. I love space and am involved in many campus organizations such as Michigan Quidditch and Engineering Student Government. I enjoy watching movies, going out to campus events, and playing board and card games with my friends in my spare time.


Jacob Roza

Hometown: Belleville, Michigan

Major: Computer Science Engineering

My name is Jacob Roza. I’m a sophomore in the College of Engineering majoring in Computer Science. I’m from Belleville, MI so I grew up in the Ann Arbor area. I’ve been shouting “GO BLUE” all my life. I’m a big fan of science fiction/ fantasy and I love superhero movies. Actually, I just enjoy movies in general. I love board games and card games, and I love DnD. I’m a big fan of door decorations. Last year I actually put a Christmas tree on my door!


Quinn Schebell

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia 

Major: Electrical Engineering


Heyo everybody! I’m Quinn and I’ll be your resident Electrical Engineering (Robotics) major this year, though sometimes my inclination for programming makes me forget I’m not CSE. I’m also going for a Math minor, since Multivariable and Diff EQ apparently weren’t enough to scare me off. I’m interested in all things creative. I love 3D art like sculpture, metalworking, and 3D modeling, I’m working on improving at creative writing and drawing, and I love to cook new things! Not much of that last one happening in Bursley, but I like to think I’ll have enough time for everything else I want to do. If you ever want to talk about any of these things (or anything else), come find me! I’m always excited to make new friends, especially so when they come from different perspectives and backgrounds than me!


Juliet Schlefer

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Major: Voice Performance

Hey peeps my name’s Juliet, I’m from Brooklyn, and I’m majoring in voice performance. I’m big on Pokemon, World of Warcraft (yeah I know it’s old hush), baking, West Wing, and definitely more things but I always forget them. I have two fat tabby cats and used to own a snake named Shawn and I am the mother of the geese that live by the music school. All-in-all, I’m here, I’m chillin, and I’m really excited to meet you all! Living Arts is wonderful, as is UofM, and there will be lots of fun times ahead.


Michael Stowe

Hometown: Niles, Michigan

Major: Electrical Engineering

Yo, what’s crackin’? The name’s Michael. Don’t wear it out. I’m studying Electrical Engineering with a possible minor in Art & Design and/or Math. When I’m not locked away working on whatever project I’ve dedicated my life to at the time, I’m usually playing guitar or making some sort of art. I’m super into music – especially classic/alternative/indie rock, as well as thrash and death metal. I also love watching cheesy ‘80s horror movies and the hit ‘90s sitcom Seinfeld, starring Jerry Seinfeld. Memes are also cool. After college, I hope to open my own business where I can combine my love for engineering, art, and music by designing and building musical equipment such as guitars and amplifiers and whatnot. Fun fact about me: I can say “I eat small children” in nine languages. I’m out of interesting things to say. Goodbye.


Sammy Sussman

Hometown: Bedford, New York

Major: Music Composition

Hi! My name is Sammy and I’m from Bedford, New York. I’m a music composition major and a jazz bass principal. Besides music, I spend a lot of my time here at U of M writing for the arts/culture section of the Michigan Daily. I’m also totally obsessed with bubble tea (Bubble Island IS BETTER) so if you ever want bubble tea just let me know and I will go. While I’m not as funny as Noah Tappen, I also enjoy doing strange and funny things. I can’t wait to be a part of this year’s Living Arts community!


Noah Tappen

Hometown: Hartland, Michigan

Major: Mechanical Engineering


Hey I’m Noah, a second year student studying Mechanical Engineering from Hartland, Michigan. I can get really devoted to robotics, screenwriting, or any unusual exciting scheme. I can’t wait to cheer on the football team, go camping, or make our north campus a spectacular place this upcoming year!


Addison Tharp

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

Major: Jazz Studies-Trumpet

Hello Everyone! My name is Addison Tharp and I’m a sophomore Jazz Studies major. I’m from the Atlanta area, and I am very excited to get to know y’all! Some of my hobbies outside of jazz include: piano, video games, watching sports (especially baseball), composing music/songwriting, listening to music, and also being a pun enthusiast. For me in my first year, Living Arts was a fantastic experience for making a tight group of friends that I would have never met without Living Arts. As a peer mentor, it is my goal to contribute to creating this same environment for you all coming in. Here’s to another great year of Living Arts!


Hassaan Ali Wattoo

Hometown: Lahore, Pakistan

Major: Computer Science Engineering

Hello and welcome to Living Arts! I’m Hassaan Ali Wattoo and I hail from the wonderful city of Lahore, Pakistan. I’m a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and you’ll probably find out by how much I love to talk about it and how many programming side projects I’m trying to work on at any given moment. I’m a web developer at The Michigan Daily (really cool place to work, ask me about it!). I also love quoting random and often very confusing facts about Football (the European one), Cricket and Pakistan as well as the fantastically weird stories life in Pakistan has blessed me with. Please, talk to me about literally anything, I love hearing about anything that happens in people’s lives, no matter how mundane people think those things are. It helps that I’m routinely awake till 6 am and the only one around for people to talk to. Talk to me if you want to learn more about Pakistan and its culture (especially the music, it’s amazing). I also love helping (or at-least trying to) so throw any questions you have about life here at UofM at me!